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Guiding your lane conditions to their final destination

We know the reality of your business today. Open play is increasing and too much of the wrong oil can create headaches, but your loyal league base complains when the lanes break down too fast. Switch to Navigate Lane Conditioner by Kegel and we'll guide you to the perfect solution.

Navigate is Kegel's newest all purpose lane conditioner. It was developed to combine the best characteristics from our two most popular products, Prodigy and Infinity, into one. In a true chemical breakthrough, Navigate was formulated to provide high-performance durability while still reducing ball calls.

Part Number – 156–8125

Works in all lane machines
Long format tournament durability
Reduces ball calls
Consistent back end reaction

Technical Specifications: (Physical Properties)
Viscosity – 29.6 cps
Surface Tension – 26.3 dynes/cm
Weight per gallon – 7.01 lbs.
Packaging: 1.25 gallon containers for easy use.
4 containers per case = 5 gallons


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