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Why compromise? You can have it all!


When choosing a lane conditioner, you used to have to decide which you wanted more:
  1. A durable lane conditioner that could withstand aggressive high tech balls or
  2. A lane conditioner that was pinsetter and house ball friendly
With FIRE and ICE, you no longer have to compromise.  You can have it all.

FIRE and ICE are more durable than any of our existing lane conditioners, but are also pinsetter and house ball friendly like our best-selling lane conditioner, Prodigy.  Now the only choice you have to make is whether you want FIRE…or ICE.


  • Cartridges for FLEX Lane Machines Only
  • Designed for Maximum Durability
  • Pinsetter and House Ball Friendly
  • FIRE: For more hook or slick lane surfaces
  • ICE: For more hold area or high friction lane surfaces

Technical Specifications: (Physical Properties)

  • FIRE
    • Surface Tension: 23.6 dynes/cm
    • Viscosity: 45.1 cps
    • Part Number: 156–8135C
  • ICE
    • Surface Tension: 23.2 dynes/cm
    • Viscosity: 40.9 cps
    • Part Number: 156–8130C
  • Shipping Weight: 38.5 lbs.
  • Packaging: 1.5 liter cartridges
  • 12 cartridges per case = 4.75 gallons


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