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DD Gold & Silver Tournament Pins


Our 4 C’s Cut

Most people think that all Maple is the same, but that’s simply not the case. Maple from different regions can vary a great deal. It’s our belief that in order to make the finest quality bowling pin it begins with using the finest quality Maple. Now we exclusively use a higher grade Maple than ever before. Our pin is more durable while also delivering incredible pin action. What you might have thought or heard about the old Diamond Duramid pin is a thing of the past. This is not the same old Diamond Duramid!


With new higher quality synthetic additives and improved technology we integrated Super Glow White elements, which increased the shine, glow, and overall visual appearance. We also offer pins in both red and yellow. Plus, we custom hand paint pins in both gold and silver for that special gift.


We understand the ongoing cost of replacing pins is a significant expense. This is why Diamond Duramid prides itself on being a great value as one of the most affordable pins on the market. You also save money in the long term because our coating is extremely “durable”, so you don’t have to replace your pins as often.


All of our pins are USBC APPROVED and certified to be hand made with the highest available grade Maple, finest synthetic materials and workmanship. We back our product with a full 1-Year Warranty on all manufacturing defects.

The Diamond Duramid Bowling Pin Manufacturing Company was one of the first to use a superior Plastic injection molding system to coat bowling pins, as well as introduce Glow Pins that have glow elements throughout the coating and not just added to the top coat. Their extensive experience in this drastically changing industry has proven that the Diamond Duramid bowling pins are of the Absolute Highest Available Quality than several other comparable bowling pins in today's market. It was also the first company to introduce the Silver Bowling Pin for Tournament Bowling.

As time goes on, Diamond Duramid Bowling Pins and its staff will continue to evolve in order to meet and often exceed customer's ex­pectations in every single aspect of Bowling and as always remains committed to providing customers with High Quality Bowling Pins across the world

Get to know the Diamond Quality

The best part it's with a company you can rely on. Diamond Duramid has been making quality bowling pins for 25 years and we stand behind our product

All Diamond Bowling Pins are First Grade Bowling Pins and have the following features:

  • We only use the Best Quality US synthetic nylon to coat the Diamond Pins which is applied by the most sophisticated plastic injection molding system. The advantage is that plastic coating glues better to the wooden core eliminating Belly Voids and Head Scalping, creating Livelier Pin-Action, Exceptional Durability and High Scorablity.
  • Special Hooked-In Base-Ring that maintains firmly in its original place throughout the life of the pin.
  • A Special Bottom Base Coating is applied to each pin to prevent wooden core from drying. It also lowers the number of out-of-ranges on any lane surface.
  • Created out of the Finest North American Maple Wood for best scoring results.
  • Now with New Super Glow Orange Neck Stripes.
  • All Diamond Duramid Bowling Pins have a 1 Year / 5000 Line Limited Warranty (ask for details)
  • Diamond Pins are also available in vibrant Red and Yellow Glow and White Glow for extra Bowling Enjoyment.

All are available from our well stocked warehouse, for immediate delivery.


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