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With your Lane Duster Unit you are able to remove the layer of dirt on top of the lane conditioner without disturbing the lane conditioner pattern.

Keeping lanes free from dust is an important part of any lane maintenance program. Lane conditioner contaminated with dust tends to break down faster than clean lane conditioner. Dirty lanes result in faster changing, less stable lane conditioner patterns. Dust on the lanes also gets on bowling balls. The bowling balls transfer dust to the pinsetters. Very quickly, this dust finds its way to your bowlers getting their shirts and hands dirty. The dirt and accompanying lane conditioner that comes into contact with your bowlers leads to complaints and lost business. To help avoid these problems, dust lanes at least twice per day. Dust gutters and capping at least once per day.




Balanced construction, and simple cloth advance

using the foot pedal, mean effective and economical cleaning










Výrobce: KEGEL
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SKU: 17-9400