To all 2017 and 2018 Storm VIP pro shops,


As a member of the 2018 VIP program, you should just before this email have received an email directly from Director of European Sales and Marketing for Storm Products, Inc. Mr. Bill Supper.

In this email you have been informed to receive this email with information of the 2019 program. You will find all information about the, slightly adjusted, 2019 VIP program attached, including a sign up form that you can fill in on your screen and return by email to your distributor for easy handling.

If you have been a VIP shop back in 2017 but you did not sign up for the 2018 program, here is your chance to re-join in the program adjusted over the past two years with feedback from the field.

Deadline for signing up for the 2019 SPI VIP program is: January 31st 2019*,

*Releases already published in the program at the time of the pro shop signing up, must be purchased as per the program contract.

The very first ball of the 2018 VIP program is expected to arrive in Europe in January.
This will be a very exciting start of the year, with what is to be expected as a ball constructed to fit the purpose “a ball that many bowlers have been waiting for”. 

Expect your distributor to share the news with you about this ball, as soon as the information becomes officially available!

All local distributors will also be informed today about the slightly adjusted 2019 Storm VIP program at this time. Same as last year, signing up, will be handled through your distributor, and you can use the form attached to the program in this email.

On behalf of Bill Supper, Peter Somoff, Tim Mack and Storm Inc. I hope we may welcome you all back for the 2019 program.
Would you want to miss out on access to buy and sell the No. 1 brand in Bowling with great discounts throughout the year 2019?.

Thank you all for the job you do helping Storm to stay the number one brand!