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Mid Performance


Manufacturer’s In­tent: With the release of the 503T, we wanted to design a ball that would complement the 503C in our mid-performance category. In order to accomplish this, we needed to use just the right combination of core and cover. During our product development stage, we found that staying with our Packman core and combining it with our new Gen MT (Moderate Traction) cover provided us with just the right look on the lanes.

Core: The Packman core offers moderate revs due to the medium Rg values combined with a large overall flare potential. This core provides a wide array of ball reactions depending upon the layout and surface preparation.

Cover: The new Gen MT (Moderate Traction) cover is a modified version of our Gen XT (Xtra Traction) cover found on the 716T. By reducing the amount of Traction additives, we created a cover that will match up the best with medium to oily lane conditions.

Finish: The finish process is the final factor that determines our overall ball motion. For the 503T, we started with 800 Abranet then followed it up with 1000 and 2000 Abralon. This finish will provide enough traction for oily lanes while allowing the 503T, to still be useful on medium oil patterns as well.

Overall: Sometimes a nice strong consistent ration is just what the lanes call for. The brand new 503T combines the perfect combination of core/cover to create just the right amount “Traction” on medium to oily lane conditions. She may not be flashy, but she always gets the job done.


Color Red / Gold / Navy
Reaction Traction
Coverstock Gen MT (Moderate Traction)
Finish 800 Abranet ®,1000,2000 Abralon ®
Core Packman
Weights 12 – 16 LBS
Inter. Differential .003
RG 12 lb. – 2.60 | 13 lb. – 2.53 | 14 lb. – 2.54 | 15 lb. – 2.51 | 16 lb. – 2.51
Differential 12 lb. – .039 | 13 lb. – .055 | 14 lb. – .054 | 15 lb. – .057 | 16 lb. – .052




Výrobce: TRACK
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Ball is : nevrtaná/ no drill