PROFARMA-PRODUKT AJATIN® PLUS- Disinfecting the boots 5000 ml

Product Description

Disinfection for bowling centers

Bowling centers are intended for recreational sports to the general public

As follows from the definition, these establishments will visit a large number of customers with different hygiene habits. Customers not only benefit the center's premises, but also to lend equipment and tools, especially special shoes and bowling balls. It is therefore essential that not only they, but most operators of such facilities increased hygiene and careful to avoid the possible prevention of bulk disease. In addition to normal sanitation procedures should thus be taken as the quality of disinfection of bowling balls and shoes.


Possible source of infection are holes in bowling balls. You can, for lack of hygiene, surviving bacteria and fungi that cause unpleasant skin diseases, diseases of the nail and nail bed.
Shoe care

Similar skin problems can be caused by poor hygiene borrowed shoes.

Specially developed disinfectant highly efficient surface disinfection as bowling balls and shoes borrowed interior. It is also used for washing and exterior of the soles of shoes.
Instructions for use:

Disinfectant solution and spray the surface of the sphere inside the finger holes. Let dry. If you want the ball while washing, use disinfectant spray and without using a sponge or damp wash cloth to her. Let dry. Airbrush put under the tongue of footwear in the vertical cylinders. Apply the product 2–3 injections into the front of the shoe. Then, from about 10–15 cm inject medicine into the heel shoes. Preparation allow about 10 minutes. Then again, the boots are included in půjčovacího mode. Repeat this process for each rental shoes. This prevents contamination of your shoes and do not risk exposing your customers. The economic package in a 5 liter canister can be used for filling dispensers.
Composition of the product provides:
# Super efficient and fast acting germicidal efficacy
- Kationaktivního using detergent ensures the elimination of most pollution
and stains from the surface after treatment with a cloth shoes – yarn agent does not and does not wash out colors and zvláčňovadel
- Flavored by means of overlapping and neutralizes odor
- The product is non-irritating, non-allergenic and non-flammable

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