Product Description

Mid Level Performance


New Era SF Plus:
New Era reactive coverstock has been a proven winner in the Columbia 300 line for a number of very successful releases. The Skid Flip version of New Era was used in the original Eruption with great success. To follow up the great Eruption, we’re introducing New Era SF Plus, which will produce the same ease through the heads and even more back end pop!

Resurgence Core:
It doesn’t always have to take reinventing the wheel in order to produce a great bowling ball.  The Resurgence core will go down in Columbia 300’s great history as one of the most successful cores we’ve produced. The low RG and Medium Differential makes this a great choice for all styles.

What To Expect:
The Violent Eruption is clean through the front and provides the greatest length in the Columbia 300 lineup. The sharp move it makes off the friction along with it’s length makes this ball a great choice on most medium to medium dry lane condtions.


Color Lava
Reaction Skid Flip
Veneer New Era SF Plus
Surface 800 Abranet™, 1000, 2000 Abralon®, Powerhouse™ Factory Finish
Core Resurgence
Weights 12–16 Pounds


RG & Diff
16# RG 2.47
16# Diff .035
15# RG 2.46
15# Diff .040
14# RG 2.50
14# Diff .042





Výrobce: COLUMBIA 300
Availability: In Stock
Ball is : nevrtaná/ no drill