Product Description

High Performance Balls


Elastin 8.0 Supreme (Hybrid)
The Elastin breakthrough technology has been taken to new levels for the Wicked Encounter.  An entirely new chemical additive has been used in order to create more friction in the front of the lane while helping the Wicked Encounter stronger motion through the back part of the lane, even on heavier oil conditions.

Encounter Core
The Encounter core is the same dynamic core found in the original Encounter and Dark Encounter.  Bowlers have come to love the Encounter core for the performance it provides through strong and versatile performance characteristics. 

What To Expect
The new Elastin coverstock provides a new motion characteristic for this category that Columbia 300 fans have been asking for… more overall hook!  Once again, the Elastin cover along with the Encounter core are a great combination for strong hook and wicked strikes!


Color Orange / Black / Silver
Surface 800, 800 Abralon® 1500, 1500 Abranet®
Core Encounter
Weights 12–16 Pounds


RG & Diff
16# RG 2.51
16# Diff .047
15# RG 2.50
15# Diff .052
14# RG 2.52
14# Diff .050
13# RG 2.53
13# Diff .055
12# RG 2.60
12# Diff .039
Inter. Diff. 16# .011
15# .013
14# .012





Výrobce: COLUMBIA 300
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Ball is : nevrtaná/ no drill