AMF 300 OMG!

Product Description


Have you ever seen something and it made you say „Oh. My. GOSH!“ Well now you're going to get that feeling when you throw a bowling ball down the lane. OMG! That ball hooks!

The AMF 300 OMG! features the strongest coverstock ever released in the companies history, the F84. Finish that with 1000 grit abralon and a super strong symmetrical core and get ready to freak!

Attributes   Tech Specs
Coverstock: F84     Wt       RG    Diff
Color: Purple/Black     16   2.504   0.046  
Finish: 1,000 Abralon        15   2.520   0.044
Core Type: Symmetric     14   2.540   0.043
Sku# 1707–10     13   2.560   0.043
Available Wts:      12–16 lb.     12   2.630   0.028



ITEM NUMBERMTVBVTGGH INNER COREGear COVERSTOCKAtomix Hybrid Radial Reactive FINISH5500 Grit Laser Scan Polished WEIGHTS1615141312 RG RATING2.482.482­.522.582.65 RG DIFFERENTIAL.031­. MB DIFFERENTIAL FLARE POTENTIAL3"+ – See more at:…m-toxin.html#……
Výrobce: AMF 300
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Ball is : nevrtaná/ no drill