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Upper Mid Performance


LT-2 Core

The LT-2 Core features a medium RG creating strong revs throughout the entire lane. With just over 4” of flare potential, the Legion conserves most of its energy for the breakpoint, creating an explosive entry angle to the pocket. 

MR-6 Solid

Our popular MR-6 Solid Cover provides a strong mid-lane roll with an outstanding move at the breakpoint. The Legion Solid is best suited for medium to oily lane conditions and will provide more overall hook compared to the original Legion. 

Track Legion Solid

Track fans around the world have gathered and united to form the “Legion”. This diehard group of bowlers have been growing in numbers, waiting to unite as one to take over the bowling world. Track has now empowered its most loyal fan base with an additional weapon to conquer the lanes and their competition. Fear the Legion! 

Coverstock : MR-6 Solid
Finish : 500/2000 Abralon®
Lane Condition : Medium to Heavy Oil
Color : Black
Weights : 12–16 lbs. LBS
Core : LT-2

16 LB. – 2.51
15 LB. – 2.50
14 LB. – 2.51
13 LB. – 2.53
12 LB. – 2.60
16 LB. – .040
15 LB. – .046
14 LB. – .048
13 LB. – .055
12 LB. – .039


Výrobce: TRACK
Dostupnost: Na skladě
Koule je : nevrtaná/ no drill