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Bowlingová koule s motivem mozku, určena na rovné hraní


And the innovations keep on rollin'! The new Brain Storm™, with its highly detailed design and durable polyester shell, will help you think through any spare conversion or difficult situation. You'd be pressed to find a smarter choice for your spares than the Brain Storm.


Coverstock: Ultra Clear™ Solid Polyester
Weight Block: Traditional 3-piece Core A
Factory Finish: 3500-grit Polished
Ball Color: Multicolor Brain Storm Imagery
Durometer: 80–82 Rex D-scale
Flare Potential: 1” (Low)
Weights: 14–16 lbs.

Lbs. RG Diff. Weight Block
16 2.68 0.006 Click to View Larger
15 2.69 0.006 Click to View Larger
14 2.69 0.006 Click to View Larger



Výrobce: STORM
Dostupnost: Na skladě
Koule je : nevrtaná/ no drill