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Technická specifikace:

Viskozita: – 81.0 cps

Povrchové pnutí – 33.3 dynes/cm

Obsah kanystru: 1.25 gallon (4,73 litrů)

Balení: 4 kanystry = 5 gallons ( 19 litrů )

Váha balení: 40 lbs (18.1. kg)


Introducing Terrain, the first variable-viscosity lane conditioner scientifically designed to adapt to a bowler’s playing style. 

Terrain features shear-thinning, non-Newtonian chemical technology which responds differently to each individual bowler. The result is a single lane conditioner that is more forgiving for your center’s wide range of bowlers.

What you will notice is that while Terrain gives high rev players more help getting the ball to push down the lane, the lower rev players will simultaneously see more traction providing control and power. From high-end players to seniors, Terrain broadens the spectrum of bowler styles that will find good ball reaction.

As the last conditioner to complete Kegel’s Element Series, Terrain is the ground-breaking conditioner that brings the Element Series to a new level.

The journey began with Fire and Ice, high performance conditioners that introduced the world to the concept of blending conditioners.  With the release of Current, Kegel stepped up the game with revolutionary polymer technology which bound the conditioner in a stronger structure for more predictable ball motion. 

Try Terrain by itself or combine with compatible Element Conditioners as a base, and experience the difference for yourself.


  • First non-Newtonian lane conditioner ever (viscosity changes based on amount of “force” applied)
  • For Sanction Technology™ Lane Machines
  • Elemental Series Durability
  • Optimized for synergy with Fire, Ice and Current
  • More hook without the work
  • Strong even-arcing motion without sacrificing strong back-ends
  • Maintains energy through the pins
  • High scoring across a wider variety of styles

Technical Specifications:

  • Viscosity: 81.0 cps.
  • Surface Tension: 33.3 dynes/cm
  • Shipping Weight: 40 lbs. (18.1 kg)
  • One Container: 1.25 gallon (4.73 liters)
  • Packaging: 4 containers per case – 5 gallons (19 liters)
  • PART NUMBER : 156–8185


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SKU: 156-8185
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