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TOUGH BALLS, Sand it. Scratch it. Scuff it. No matter what punishment you dish out, you can't destroy the image in our clear polyester balls. Our new patent-pending process embeds the image on the core, making them the best looking, most durable clear polys on the market.

Ball Specs

  • Color Hammerflage
  • Reaction Straight
  • Coverstock Polyester
  • Factory Finish 800/800/1000/2000 Abralon® W/Powerhouse™ Factory Finish Polish
  • Best Lane Condition Dry
  • Core Pancake
  • Available Weights 8,10,12,14–16#

See Your Favorite Player in action!

Homepage: http://www.hammerbowling.com/…/hammerflage

Výrobce: HAMMER
Dostupnost: Na skladě
Koule je : nevrtaná/ no drill